Ariel Pink's Tantalising Tinsel-Town Take Over

Delicious Donuts and Delectable Ditties (Nov 11)

Eat pink donuts from Donut Friend while enjoying a full playback of pom pom
El Prado Bar [1804 W Sunset Blvd] 7-9pm

Get Groovy at Gimme Gimme (Nov 13)

Listen to a DJ set by the one and only Ariel Pink
Gimme Gimme Records [4268 York Blvd] 6-7pm

Pretty in Pink. Permanently (Nov 14)

Get your nails done, only in pink, by LA's top manicure artists
Permanent Records [5116 York Blvd] 5-7pm

Luxuriously 'LA' Limo Listening Luau (Nov 15)

Ride in style in our pink stretch job and enjoy LA's finest sites with pom pom on the system
Origami Vinyl [1816 Sunset Blvd] 12 noon
RSVP required but doesn't guarantee entrance.


Ariel Pink's Pom-pom-igami (Nov 17)

Free Two Boots pizza, a special appearance by Angelyne and other guests, music, drinks + more
Origami Vinyl [1816 Sunset Blvd] 5-8pm

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